Heat Protection and Thermal Insulation - Case Study

A natioanl level research institute shed in Delhi used for office and storage.

VIVID Seed Store Thermal Protection Services

Problem Analysis - Heating, corrosion and perishable goods wastage:

The office of this national level institute is setup under Industrial Sheds and the staff sits and operates from this facility. The Fruits and Vegetables stored in the cold storage are easily perishable items and hence need to be kept in controlled temperature. The environment exposure and the changes in the atmosphere do not allow for quick adjustment to such changes. The machines used to regulate such conditions can get very little idle time and rest thus increasing running cost. The wear and tear of the machines also increases due to higher usage. The institute has various sheds on the complex which are exposed to following conditions:

    » Corrosion on Metal and Asbestos Roofs resulting in High Maintenance Cost
    » The paints used for maintenance were not long lasting
    » Repainting had to be redone every alternate year
    » No reduction in temperature
    » Low productivity in summmers
    » Wastage of perishable stored items

VIVID Seed Store Thermal Protection Services

Solution - Curing, Sealing, Coating:

VIVID setup an onsite task team to inspect the multiple administrative and storage sheds for problem analysis, solution recommendation and implementation. Very careful calculation of the impact of temperature on working personnel and losses incurred due to wastage was done. The staff was so frustrated that they did not even want a financial analysis. Some of the salient points of the solution included:

    » The corrosion on the Roof is cured
    » The staff finds the working conditions better with same facilities
    » The wastage of stored items is significantly reduced
    » The coating life is now 5 years as against less than 2 years earlier
    » Multiple sheds bigger than many footbal grounds are covered with thermal proof coating

VIVID Seed Store Thermal Protection Services


The Return on Investment (ROI) for the Thermal Proofing is recovered within the first six months of operations. No new cooling instruments as planned earlier need to be installed. The staff can work in summers.

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VIVID Seed Store Thermal Protection Services

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Profile A national research institute
Location Delhi
Services Onsite consulting & survey   Maintenance assessment   Operations costing
Solutions Coating Paints   Corrosion cure   Weather proofing   UV Rays protection   Heat/Thermal protection   Good return on investment
Results Happier staff   Maintenance cost reduced   Corrosion removed   Cracks repaired   Wastage reduced   Investment recovery in Year 1
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