Swimming Pool Seepage Repair - Case Study

A reputed prestigious school known for its brilliant academic record and sports performance

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Problem Analysis - Cracks, Seepage, Aesthetics:

The school's swimming pool is regularly used by a number of students and their safety is of prime importance to the school authorities. The swimming pool walls and bottom surface have had decorative tiles. The water seepage problem behind the mosaic tiles and the weather changes had created many types of problems:

    » Tiles at different places were displaced and the gaps were not very pleasing to the eye
    » Certain tiles were protruding. Their rough edges were causing cuts & bruises on the swimmers' bodies
    » Many tiles have had developed abrasions due to cracks caused by weather changes. These were
       damaging the skin when any swimmer came in contact with them
    » The school estate management team and their architect had conducted various repairs. Many consultants
       had advisedted them but with temporary short term solutions. The problems reoccurred very frequently
    » The repairs and resultant frustration had reached the threshold point. The estate management was
       contemplating removing all the tiles; dig out all the plastering and redo the plastering and tiling

VIVID Paints, Repair, Water Seepage Protection Services Solution - Curing, Sealing, Coating, Lustre:

VIVID setup an onsite task team at the school site for damage assessment, damage repair and problem cure. Very minute inspection of the entire swimming pool was conducted to identify all potential problems and then recommend a repair solution. Some of the salient points during the repair phase included:

    » Seal the gaps between mosaic tiles to prevent protrusions
    » Water seepage was sealed that can withstand water pressure and weather changes
    » The filling is weather proof so that the solution is long lasting
    » Provide a coating on Tiles so that they become weather proof and UV proof
    » The coating does not allow further abrasions development
    » Stringent Quality Control & Checking after every stage of repair and cure

VIVID Water Seepage and Tiles Protection Services


VIVID Paints, Repair, Water Seepage Protection Services The gaps between the tiles have been filled and the water seepage is completely stopped. The abrasions within the tiles have been filled and smoothened. Special chemical solutions and film is coated on tiles and these are now immune to weather changes and UV rays. The coating has added a shiny lustre to the tiles and it appears more pleasing to the eyes. Due to the coating, the cleaning of the swimming pool and bottom surface has become much easier.

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Profile A reputed public school
Location Delhi, INDIA
Services Onsite consulting & survey   Damage assessment   Swimming pool cleaning   Repair & Cure Costing   Tile fixing   Tile abraision repair
Solutions Coating solutions   Water seepage cure   Weather proofing   UV Rays protection   Tiles lustre
Results Gaps between tiles sealed   Abriasion on tiles removed   Shiny lustre on tiles   Original mosaic design retianed   Usage life of tiles increased
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VIVID Paints, Repair, Water Seepage Protection Services



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