Rising Water Damp / Seepage / Seelan (सीलन) / Shora (शोरा) Deposit

Cure by using Dr Saltpetre / Saltpeter

Normally, wherever, the water level is very low, the water is soaked through the Brick walls and through the Bricks, near the foundation area. It rises on the wall and destroys the painting and weakens the plastering etc.

Saltpeter Efflorescence Seelan Damp Wall Seepage

What is Saltpetre / Saltpeter?

Technically Saltpetre is efflorescence or erosion or is simply corrosion. Without going deeply into chemical reaction/ process we simply specify here that CARBONATION is a series of natural chemical reaction which reduces alkalinity of concrete, bricks, cemented surface.

The reaction accelerates due to porosity, atmospheric moisture and carbon dioxide gas with more of the porosity, moisture and carbon dioxide gas, more efflorescence occurs, this also penetrates in to porosity and also corrodes the integrated steel bars. This penetration is also caused by bunny holes, honey comb and cracks in the surface.

Efflorescence / corrosion causes when water percolates the surface and dissolves the soluble calcium salts, than evaporating, leaving solid calcium hydroxide. When this hydroxide formation is attacked by atmospheric carbon dioxide gases, efflorescence takes place.

Appearance / Look of Saltpetre

Efflorescence appears on the surface in loosely attached patches, hazy white layers, thick crusts, thus spoiling aesthetic d꤯r. Paint starts chalking, leaving behind black patches. Lime is also main cause of efflorescence. As a practice, on every newly contracted structure, lime coat is given, which should be avoided.

Saltpetre / Saltpeter is a real nuisance for buildings with little cure

Reward for dedication

Dr. Saltpetre is the result of dedicated efforts, analysis test and evaluations conducted during last one year by Dr. Hari Om. This is the healing ointment for your home, building, office etc.

Dr. Saltpetre is a balanced formulation of a selection of metal salts dissolved in alkaline solution.

How Dr Saltpetre / Saltpeter helps in fighting rising water seepage and corossion?

Nipping the evil in the bud, is the need of the hour. Precaution is required from the brick work and Dr. Saltpetre is the solution. It retards effect of hard water, seals porosity, and combat gaseous attack.

Use Dr. Saltpetre to wet the bricks before use. Add with cement plaster & for fool-proof resistance to efflorescence/ Saltpetre/ SHORA formation, apply a coat on surface.

Dr. Saltpetre is not a protective coating or surface treatment but is an integrated formula, which reacts with conditions discussed above and combats efflorescence / Saltpetre formation.

The Herculean task of combating the erratic and age old problem is made so easy by Dr. Saltpetre.

What is Dr. Saltpetre?

Water is the elixir of life. Dr. Saltpetre is chemically treated water and is elixir of bricks, walls, concrete surface, and integrated bars.

Dr. Saltpetre: A unique product, introduced for the first time, to combat nuisance of Saltpetre / SHORA formation / rising seepage (nona / noni), which is an erratic problem, which spoils the aesthetic looks of any wall. No premium coating system can retard this ugly formation.

Dr. Saltpetre is the only product in its class available in india to combat age old problem of saltpetre formation because of acidic nature of hard water used, bricks and plaster etc.

One or two coats of Dr. Saltpetre reacts with the acidic nature of the surface and within hours forms an alkaline film which retards further formation of Saltpetre. Hence Dr. Saltpetre fights to prevent formation of Saltpetre (Salt peter).

What is cost of solution?

The material cost is 3200/- only for an area of 200 square feet. The labour cost is extra and this solution can be implemented by any labour by following the application method on the right.

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Prices are subject to change without notice.

Seelan Damp Wall Seepage

Important Notice

Available only from VIVID INDIA.
Patent application is in process.

Saltpeter (nona) protection is most important for building foundation. Remember to wash your foundation bricks with Dr. Saltpetre solution before laying the foundation.

Try to use Dr Saltpetre at construction time especially in foundation bricks and base surface to prevent seepage (seelan).

If used after construction due to seepage problem them apply it on bricks and cover as much area as possible. Use tap water for construction and mixing.

Application Method and cost

Prices are subject to change without notice.

For already constructed buildings, remove the plaster of the Salt Petre / Shora affected area to reach the brick structure substrate.

For the new construction, start treatment at the brick structure level before plastering.

The Salt petre chemicals are available as following three products.

1) Salt petre base slurry - This is made in the following proportions. Tuffcrete slurry - 1 Litre.

2) Salt petre powder packet - This is 4 Kg Salt petre alloy dust

3) Blackcoat WS - 5 Litre

The above quantities shall be sufficient for 200 square feet.

Application Procedure

a) Mix item 1 and 2 above in a container and add 7 Litres of water.
b) Apply 2 coats of above mixture with a gap of 2 hours on the brick structure.
c) Allow to dry the coat. Usually 2 hours.
d) Over above coating, apply 2 to 3 coats of Blackcoat WS with a gap of 2 hours between coats.
e) Apply the third coat of step 1 (once) - Salt peter base slurry (Tuffcrete & C-Max) and Salt petre powder.
f) Re-plaster this area using 1% C-Max in the cement.




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