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What are Protective coatings?

In India, today most of the Paint Manufacturers make the products for the purpose of Decoration and for good look and that is the reason, they advertise thousands of colours and colour matching etc. But, internationally, coatings are segmented and depending on their use and application areas, they are categorized in to Decorative Coatings, Protective Coatings, Architectural Coatings, Marine Coatings, Can coatings, Coil Coatings & Speciality Coatings etc.Our motto is to provide only coatings for industrial and domestic sectors for the sole purpose of Protection and that is the reason, we do not call them paints but Protective Coating. We want to educate the customers about the difference in quality of coatings.

Why they are called Protective coatings?

Our Coatings are called Protective Coatings, because they are tailor-made products and they are used for different application areas. Normally, Paints will give glossy and good colour, but they give hardly about 10-20 micron thickness in single coat after dilution by the Painter, whereas, our coatings are made to give 20 microns to 50 microns in single coat, depending on the system you have chosen. Thicker the layer, it will give better grip to the base and creates impermeability and is bound to give better protection. So, our coatings are Protective coatings.

How do they differ from decorative coatings?

Decorative Coatings come in thousands of colour and shades and they are based on lower micron thickness, where as, our Protective coatings are made only on 4 basic colours, which are based on pure Metal Oxide and not based on Fillers and Extenders. You can make almost more than 50 colours with these 4 basic colours and this is how, our Protective Coatings differ from Decorative Coatings.

Are they costlier than decorative coatings?

No, they are not. To give an example about TOPCOAT-RED, which is THREE-in-ONE coating, you can dilute it 1:1 with MTO and make your Primer and you can get the coverage of more than 400 sq,ft. At a cost of Rs.186/- per litre, costing will be less than Rs.0.50 per sq. ft., whereas, Red Oxide Paint from any reputed manufacturers will not give you 80 sq.ft. coverage. To find out the answer is very easy. Take 1 litre of TOPCOAT-RED and weigh it. This will be within 1250 grams along with the tin, whereas, RED OXIDE Paint of any other manufacturers is priced at Rs.80.00 and hence, the cost is Rs.1.00 per sq. ft for a reputed brand of Red Oxide Paint.

If you use our TOPCOAT-RED even without dilution, then you will get 150 sq. ft coverage, which is almost Rs. 1.25 per sq. ft. But, you can imagine that, TOPCOAT-Red will not fade at all and this will remain lifelong non-fading.

The same thing applies with TOPCOAT- YELLOW, TOPCOAT-BLACK AND TOPCOAT-WHITE coatings of SRL. If you want to make Decorative coatings, then you can tint TOPCOAT-WHITE of SRL with any colour you want.

What is so special about RED/Yellow/Black/White coatings provided by you?

Our principals have one of the best R&D and it has own Resin Plant, where it makes Polyester Resin, based on all imported raw materials, whereas, the general paint manufacturers buy oil base Alkyd Resin from the market and make the Resins. These Resins are blended with Pigment, Fillers and Driers and then they convert the same in to Paints, whereas, our coatings are based on Polyester Resins and they are not Oil based. So, they have much longer life as well as Ultraviolet Resistance.

We do not believe in adding cheaper pigments or providing cheaper solutions. Our coatings are based on pure Synthetic Oxide, imported from Germany.

What are Natural Oxides and what are Synthetic oxides?

Natural Oxides are 0res, which are formed, because of Natural geographical conditions and they are nature's gift. To make Red Oxide Paints, most of the Paint manufacturers use iron ore fines and hence, it is nothing, but natural Red Oxide, but they are much heavier than Synthetic Oxide. Synthetic Oxides are made by reacting the metals and these are converted in to Synthetic Oxides. Such Synthetic Oxides is much lighter and have much better weather stability.

How Synthetic Oxides are lighter in weight?

Since Synthetic Oxides are made by Synthesizing the Metals and converted in to the Oxides of the metals. So, it is lighter in weight.

What is so special about TOPCOAT White?

TOPCOAT- White is special, because, it is based on pure imported Titanium Dioxide and no Fillers are used in this. So, you get pure paint at very reasonable prices. If you want to tint this, then you can use the colour and the tinting tubes are available in the market from any reputed manufacturers. The speciality of TOPCOAT-White is that, it is Polyester Resins base

How is it different than other White?

TOPCOAT-White has good surface drying properties and it can dry within 2 hours, as compared to 6-7 hours of other Whites in normal temperature condition of about 30 degress C. TOPCOAT-White will be touch dry within 1 hour and by the time of other paints become tack dry, during that time TOPCOAT White will be completely dry and it will be tack free and hard dry properties are achieved within 48 hours, whereas other White Paints dries in 72 hours minimum

Besides the above, TOPCOAT White has got excellent grip on any surface and even it can have grip on Zinc, which is very difficult to coat, whereas, any other White Paint can not have grip on Galvanized Sheets. Our TOPCOAT White is made with imported ingredients and hence, it has good grip even on the Zinc.

What is the life of TOPCOAT White?

The life of TOPCOAT White in exterior condition will give the life of five years on wood or metals.

What is the cost of TOPCOAT White?

If you are a retail consumer, then TOPCOAT White will be costlier by 10-15%. But, you will get more than 50% advantages in coverage and performance. But, for Industrial consumers having requirement of 100 ltr or more at a time, then you will get the Modvat facilities and the price of TOPCOAT White is much less than any other White Paints of any recognized company.

What is difference between TOPCOAT & WHITEKNIGHT?

The main difference between TOPCOAT & WHITEKNIGHT is that, TOPCOAT is made with Polyester Resin and they are based on purest Synthetic Oxide, whereas WHITE KNIGHT is TOPCOAT having Ceramic loading with application in a mind and because of its Ceramic loading, they are heavier than TOPCOAT and is having lesser coverage. But, they have better grip and give more protection, because of higher thickness build up.

What is coverage area of White knight?

The coverage area of White Knight varies between 60 sq. ft. to 100 sq. ft per Ltr, depending on the area , surface and base material, which is used for coating.

What is meant by Micron Thickness?

For a layman, micron thickness is nothing, but in jugglery. But, in technical terms, 1000 microns is equal to 1 mm.

What is the maximum Micron Thickness possible with Single coat of Coating?

Our Ceramic loaded paints can give up to 70 microns with single coat by spray and by brush. The coating can give you the material with 150-200 microns in single coat. This is quite significant fact about our coatings for the protection purpose.

That is why, our coatings are never called as Decorative Coatings, but they are called as Protective coatings.


SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface preparation for Metal, Wood and any other objects to be coated, should be prepared meticulously, so that, it is free from oil, grease, salt chloride moisture, rust etc

MIXING: All the products of SRL, whether single pack or two pack PU Coatings should be properly mixed before use.

MIXING RATIO: The ratio as advised on the container as well as the cardboard boxes should be strictly followed.

APPLICATION: Application may be done by brushing or spraying and may also be done with airless spray system. Second coat must be done after the recommended drying time and as per the instruction given. However, the curing time depends on the temperature. So, as per local condition, the standards may change. We recommend that, the second coat should be applied in a cross coat method.

CLIMATE: The substrate temperature must be above 10 Degree C. for better results. But, no coating should be permitted when the substrate is wet from rain or dew or when relative humidity is greater than 85%. However, this condition will not apply to our PU coatings and they can be applied in any negative environmental conditions, but the substrates should be completely dried.

REPAIRS: If application of the coating is less than 72 hours old, then it may be repaired by applying thinners, like Acetone, MEK for cleaning the coat and then reapply the coating. But if the coating is 72 hours old and above, then the surface may be cleaned up with the sand paper and then repeat the repair process.

EQUIPMENT CLEAN UP: After coating is used, the equipment must be cleaned up within 30 minutes of final use and it must be cleaned with proper solvents, like MTO, Acetone and MEK. Any material left in the spray equipment / brush will solidify and damage the equipment.

VENTILATION: Please make sure that, the area where SRL Coating is applied, is properly ventilated and no coating should be done in a closed room with no ventilation and SRL takes no responsibility if this instruction is not followed.

PRIOR TO COATING: For other safety instruction, please see the product labels.

Some more questions on WHITE KNIGHT-WATER SOLUBLE (Poly Acrylic Base)

Why you call this coating as White Knight and why not a new name?

This is a Ceramic loaded Poly Acrylic base coating and is also used in the purpose of water proofing. So, we thought it better to market it in the name of White Knight only, which is a proven and a good brand name.

What is meant by Poly Acrylic?

Normally, Acrylic coating like Berger's weather coat, Asian's Elastomeric Apex, Ace etc are called as Acrylic or Latex base coating, because they are 100 % Acrylicas. But, our White Knight-Water Soluble is based on branded Polyester Resins and Acrylic systems for better grip and hardness. Grip, as compared to normal Acrylic is more than double. So, we call our coating as Poly Acrylic base.

Does White Knight Water Soluble help in water proofing as well?

Yes, because of hard impermeable film, water seepage is completely controlled and it helps in water proofing. The Micron build up is higher, as compared to normal Acrylic Coatings.

Do you supply the material in white shade or other shades as well?

We prefer to supply this coating in White Shade only. But ,if the order quantity is more than 500 kgs for single lot, then we can supply the desired shade also.

What is GRIP TEST?

It is very difficult for a layman to know about the quality of paint and its adhesion property, just by looking at the paint, in India paint manufacturers do not specify the base of paint, the solids, used, type of binders etc.

People, normally, judge the paint quality only by seeing the gloss with eyes or they try to see the nail-mark on it by doing some manual scratching. Besides these, there is also a scientific method, which can be used even by the people, who do not know anything of paint.

This test is conducted with the help of Cello Tape. Take 4" to 5" Long Cello Tape and stick it on the painted surface and apply full pressure for sticking it and then try to take out the Cello Tape, by applying full force. If the paint comes out, then the quality of paint is not at all good. Normally, Air drying or 2k paints are specified to be completely cured within 7 days of its application. So, we advise that, this test should be conducted only after 7 days of the application of the paint.

Is there a solution for RISING WATER DAMPNESS (seepage)?

Ecosystem Paints and coatings, Topcoat, Water Proof

Normally, wherever, the water level is very low, the water is soaked through the Brick walls and through the Bricks, near the foundation area. It rises on the wall and destroys the painting and weakens the plastering etc. Our solution to such Rising damp is as under:

  » Plastering from the wall is removed totally
  » Bricks are dried through a hot air Blower
  » After the wall is dried, one coat of Black Coat or TOPCOAT (WS) is applied
  » Allow the coating to dry
  » Apply two coats of WHITE KNIGHT (you may also use our TOPCOAT RED/Black) at this place
  » Allow the coating to dry
  » Plastering is to be done putting CARBOBOND @ 1% of the cement in the Mix
  » Please cure the plastering with water
  » Room will be totally damp free

This seems time consuming and labour (labor) intensive. Is there a simple process for curing water seepage?

Ecosystem Paints and coatings, Topcoat, Shora Rresistant, Nona Protection

We have developed a simple process of mixing Dr. Saltpetre (Salt Peter) with Tuffcrete (Tough Concrete) and then applying to affected area. This would automatically dry the affected space and also protect from future seepage problems.

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