Vardaan Super Jaivik Khad

वरदान जैविक खाद

This bio microorganisms fertiliser (Vardan jaivik jeevanu khaad) - is a soil enriching product that stimulates agricultural growth organically.

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Vardan Neem coating powder

वरदान नीम कोटिंग पाउडर

Vardan Neem Coating (Neemori+) is a specially developed urea coating powder that protects Urea wastage from Leaching and Nitrification.

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Single Super Phosphate

सिंगल सुपर फास्फेट (एसएसपी)

SSP is a Straight Phosphatic Fertlizer used at the time of land preparation. It helps in cell division and stimulates root development.

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Large Scale Agricultural Production

Vivid develops seeds and bio growth products for large-scale production of agricultural products, bio-fertiliser for environment protection. Vivid Agrotech Limited is based in Jabalpur M.P. and develops Seeds, Bio-fertilisers, Pesticides and has large scale farming interests.

Shri Behariji Fertilizers Limited located at Kanpur U.P. manufactures Single Super Phosphate Fertilisers, Neem Oil (नीम तेल), Nimauli (निमौली), and Bio fertilisers (जैविक खाद). वरदान (Vardan) is a very popular bio fertiliser (जैविक खाद) from Vivid India. VARDAN - our Jaivik-Khad (bio-fertiliser / जैविक खाद) is a household name with farmers. VARDAN NIMAURI (वरदान निमौरी) is a leading product for agricultural growth and pest control.



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