HEATEX - SINGLE PACK Heat Resistant Paint IS:13183:91 Grade

Industries generally come across painting problem, normal paint which are not heat resistant, will CRACK & PEEL OFF at high temperature. When these normal painted surfaces come in direct contact with climatic conditions and other corrosive fumes, it gives rise to CORROSION.

HEATEX Paints have unique features to counter problems like Heat Resistance & Corrosion. These paints protect surfaces from temperature in the range of 200oC., 400oC & 600oC. Available in Black and Silver shades. Red primer & Grey paint resist temperature up to 300oC.

Coverage: Approxmately 10 sq meters (100 sq ft.) per litre per coat.
Drying time: Air-drying 4-8 hours or to tack free.
Drying time by Stoving at 160oC (20-30 minutes)

Heatex heat resistant paint is used by Air craft & Automobile manufacturers, Power houses, Sugar Mills, Textile Mills, Cement Plants etc. It is supplied in ready mixed form.

HEATEX Application Instruction (Stir thoroughly before use)

    » Select Heat Resisting Paint of correct temperature range
    » Surface temperature at the time of application should be room temperature
    » Clean the surface to be coated thoroughly by sand blasting or by wire brushing or by sand (emery) paper
    » Surface should be dry, free from dirt, paint, rust, oil, grease etc.
    » Heatex paints should be applied over clean bare surface
    » No primer should be applied to the surface
    » No solvent, thinners or turpentine should be added
    » The paint can be applied by new clean brush or by spraying
    » The paint is air-drying or by stoving for quicker baking
        » Air-Drying: Apply 2 coats of paint at the interval of 4 Hours or till tack free
        » Stoving: Apply paint by spraying and bake at 160 Degrees C for 20 to 30 minutes
    » After use keep the tin airtight closed

« Paints

Heatex can be applied on

Auto-Claves, Kilns, Blowers, Lab-Equipments, Boilers, Light-Reflectors, Burners, Manifolds, Casing, Mufflers, Chimneys, Ovens, Compressors, Oven-Trays, Condensers, Power-generators, Cooking-Ranges, Pressure- Vessels, Cylinders-Heads , Pumps, Distillation-Units, Radiators, Drier-Racks, Silencers, Driers, Smoke-Stacks, Engine-Heads, Solar-Absorbers, Engines, Solar-collectors, Exhausts, Solar-Heaters, Flanges, Steam-Generators, Flare-stacks, Steam-pipes, Furnaces, Steel structures, Gas-stoves, studio-lights, Gen sets, Tail-pipes, Heaters, Tanks, Heat-Reactors, Textiles-Machines, Incinerators, Transformers, Infrared-plants, Turbines etc.



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