Vivid UV Protection

Roof types

Concrete, Sheet, Stone

  » Flat roof made of concrete
  » Slate Tiles
  » Stone layered roof
  » Thermal proof & Fire protect Fibre shed
  » Fibre or Vinyl roofs or Asbestos roofs
  » Asbestos sheets roofs

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Vivid Weather Proof

Heat Proof Benefits

Reduce Electricity Bill

  » Achieve a temperature difference of 8oC
  » Keep rooms below the roof cool in summer
  » Rooms below the roof stay warm in summer
  » Insulate top floor from weather extremes
  » Safeguard shed from temperature variation
  » Reduce your electricity bill

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Vivid Water Proofing

Coatings and Usage

Exterior and Interior

  » Heat resistenace bonding admixture
  » EcoTouch Exterior
  » EcoTouch Regal Interior
  » Oil Based Primer
  » Fire and Fade resistant
  » Washable and Stain resistant

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Thermal Coating and Heat Protection for all kinds of roof

You can Insulate your home, commercial or industrial property, cold store, office, mall, and save over 10% of your energy / electricity costs with the nano technology based heat resistant paint for interior and exterior. We have a wide range of products for your Building exterior and interior insulation, protection and decor.

Ecosystem (Topcoat for exterior) incorporates into its copolymer, elastomeric coating, ceramic platelets, which have the ability to dissipate heat at a very rapid rate and also allows them to reflect heat back into the atmosphere, rather than allowing the heat to be conducted to the underlying substrate. Reduce electricity bills by this abuse and heat resistant paint which can be applied to anything that can be painted.

Topcoat is a fluid applied ceramic coating that INSULATES, ENCAPSULATES ASBESTOS and LEAD, applies and looks like paint. The paint and coating is suitable for arid regions and cities in India and other countries with similar atmospheric and environmental conditions. Get ready for atmospheric corrosion resitance and protection with our brush on paint to cover your built up roofs or metal roofs or Vinyl roofing. You can also roll on this coating.

You can use the heat resistant black or white paint for the doors to maintain building temperature. You can use the heat resistant primer for grills and widows. These paints and catings are impervious to outside elements such as Ultra Violet (UV) rays, rain and sun. The UV protection and water proof nature of these coatings make them very popular for exterior of your premises. The heat resistance bonding admixture is not only suitable for interior coating but also is pleasing to the eye. You have the choice of Matt or Linen finish for your paint job at moderate cost.

If you run a Cold Storage or similar operation then the you can use our Cold Storage Process Roofing paint and benefit by Cold storage electricity saving, You are welcome to ask for reference for Cold storage energy saving coating from our valued users. The Cold storage exterior paint for the walls, asbestos sheets and roof brings down the temperature by more than 8 degrees centigrade. If you have flat roof then you can use the heat protective coating / paint on concrete roof for reducing the building temperature. The Heat reduction is achieved through heat reflection by the heat reflective Coating on industrial roof, flat roofs, sheds, concrete roofs and siding walls.

Regal (EcoTouch for interor) incorporates into its copolymer, elastomeric coating, ceramic platelets have the ability to dissipate heat at a very rapid rate and also allows them to maintaine the temperature through insulation rather than allowing the heat to be conducted to the underlying substrate.

Our Heat Insulating / Insulation Paint helps you create a cooler environment during hot summers at no heat reduction / control costs. The thermal coating is fade resistant as well as Fire Retardant, These are also popular as Concrete heat protection paint, Crack proof paint and coating, Energy Saving Ceramic Paint for wall and roofing, Exterior Coating and paint for walls and roofs.

We also have a range for paints for the walls to control temperature, metal surface to control rust and heat, exterior to protect from arid environment and dust. You can brush on or spray or roll on the paints and coatings. The heat reflective property creates a relaxing environment and increase life of your valuable assets. The unbreakable paints and coatings are not only useful for your regular homes and offices but can also be used for Mobile Home Exteriors and Interiors. Please check the paint and coating specificatiois for the effect of humidity on curing rate.

Please read detailed success stories on thermal insulation & heat protection services:
» PUSA Institute Delhi
» Cold Storage Faizabad

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Please read detailed success stories on thermal insulation & heat protection services:
» PUSA Institute Delhi
» Cold Storage Faizabad

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Client Testimonial

Dear Dr. Hari Om / Mr. Balbir Singh,

Firstly, I wish to congratulate you on the wonderful solution for thermal insulation which is so simple to adopt and apply and effective.

I have applied it in my house (and my friend’s house in Bhopal) and so far I am very satisfied with the results. Now, I wish to use the same solution in my family houses in Lucknow for which I will be depositing Rs xx,xxx in your PNB account. The money will be deposited in Bhopal today.

Kindly dispatch 6 X 20 Litres of the thermal Insulation Paint for exposed roofs to the below address:

xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx, Gomtinagar, Lucknow

Kindly use the below transporter and book the material on freight prepaid basis:

xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx

Best regards,
Manish Vichitra



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