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Negative Water Proofing - Block Water Seapage

Normally, water proofing is done by stopping the source of water, whether outside or inside the building, which may induce dampness in to the walls and this is normally stopped by putting tar-felt or through polymeric coatings, depending on the condition & location of seepage point.

Vivid India has a method of polymeric coating as well as Polyfelt system to stop seepage/dampness coming through external source. Normally, this problem occurs when the source of seepage/dampness is not traced or identified and you need to stop your walls from moisture/dampness. Because of the water seepage, your costly paints peels-off & the rooms look very dirty and shabby. Besides this, the moisture brings a bad smell, which is un-hygienic. By using the negative water proofing method developed by Vivid India, the water from outside source can not enter the room or wall. This type of water proofing, in a real sense, is the NEGATIVE WATER PROOFING.

Negative Water Proofing - Recommmended Steps

Step – 1: First POP and Cement plastering has to be removed to reach the Brick wall.
Step – 2: Clean the Brick Wall with iron brush, normal brush or cloth as appropriate.
Step - 3: Make a mixture of Tuffcrete, Cement (with 1% C-Max), and water in the ratio of 1: 4: 7. That means Tuffcrete 1 Litre, Cement 4 Kg (with 1% C Max.) and 7 Litre water.
Step – 4: Apply three (3) coats of the above mixture slurry giving suitable curing and drying time after each coat.
Step - 5: Apply 2 coats of WS (Water Soluble) Black Coat mixed in Water. The Mixing ratio is Black Coat 1 Litre and Water 0.8 Litre.
Step – 6: On curing of Black Coat mixture, give one coat of Tuffcrete slurry of the composition as per step 3.
Step – 7: Plaster the walls With Sand/ Bajari and Cement with C- Max 1% of cement weight.
Step – 8: POP should be done on the wall only after curing.

This will give complete Water Proofing, even if there is a Substantial seepage of water on the other side of Water proofing treated walls.

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Negative Water Proofing - Block Water Seapage




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