VIVID - Night Glow Fluorescent Paint

Vivid's Glow in the dark Paints and Powder products are used by professionals and manufacturers in many industries to create amazing glowing products. Used by the cloth manufacturers, advertisers, neon sign makers, road sign makers, safety instructions and signs for Hotels, Hospitals, Factories, Cinema Halls, Power Houses, artists and crafters. These glowing materials can absorb and store energy of various ultraviolet and visible light spectrums, and release that energy in the form of bright light and glow in dark environments for hours.

Colors can be mixed with each other to create additional colouring and dye color pallete. The temperature can self adjust from 15oC to 70oC. The light absorption and release processes of our glow in the dark products repeats endlessly. Simply add light to our glow in the dark products for a few minutes and the phosphorescent paint and powders absorbs that light, and then they will keep glowing in the dark. These pigments will charge, glow, recharge and glow forever. The glow times range from ten to twelve (10-12) hours in duration in total darkness.

The phosphorescent glow in the dark pigments are mainly applied as an additive to liquid mediums, printing plastisol, plastics of all types, glass, porcelain glazes, inks and other transparent media to achieve the self-luminescent affects. These unique and versatile photo luminescent glow in the dark pigments may be extruded or injection molded into most plastics and incorporated into most resins, coatings and clear mediums.

Photographic color water emulsion products - Particle size 1-6 µm consists of micro capsules containig water based dispersions. This can be applied to water-based printing, coating, printing ink and dye.

PS-Color light-sensitive color tablets powder is a mixture of 1.5% of light-sensitive color dyes and 98.5% of the PS plastic abrasive particles formed after extrusion. PS color tablets of powder particle size 7-8 µm is resitant to temperature upto 180oC. PS color grain powder moisture content is less than 0.5%.

Light sensitive color plastic masterbatch is mixed with 1% light-sensitive color dyes and about 99% of the plastic material. Light stabilizers and antioxidant injection made of plastic materials can be applied to select PE, PP, Acrylic (PMMA), PU, PS, EVA, Nylon etc.

Light-sensitive color dyes can be disolved in most common organic solvents.

Concentration: 50mg/Ltr
Solvent: Toluene

Photographic color products can be mixed with each other and oil soluble dyes, pigments, and fluorescent dyes to produce a variety of color effects.

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