VIVID - Night Glow Photoluminescent

Photoluminescent Pigment Vivid offers a wide range of Photoluminescent raw materials and paint in Red, Blue, and Yellow colors. These are used to create a wide choice of colors. These paints glow in the dark.

Our products are widely accepted by all customers world wide.

Vivid pigments are safe, non-toxic and non-radioactive. These pigment powders glow ten times (10x) brighter and longer than the traditional Zinc Sulphide and Copper mixed phosphorsecent powder material.

The photoluminescent pigment can be added in many mediums, such as coats, paints, inks, plastics, ceramics, glasses etc. These are used to create various Photoluminescent products such as Vinyl Sheet, Rigid sheet, Strip role, Safety Signages, Photoluminescent Printing Paper, Photoluminescent Thread and Rope, Photoluminescent Stones, Cobbles, Ceramic Glaze & Tile , Glow in th darnk Statues, Night Glow Fabric, Photoluminescent Masterbatch, Glow Bracelet, Sky murals, and Glow Sticks.

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