Vivid Case Studies

Case Studies

Cold storage heat proof

Heating cost and maintenance cycles reduced at a cold storage in Faizabad. Rust curing, Seapage Sealing, Heat proof coating.

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Swimming pool water seepage

Seepage and Tiles falling in a premium school in Delhi. Cracks Sealing, Seapage Curing, Coating and Lustre restoration for Aesthetics.

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Office & store shed

Thermal insulation for a large block of storage sheds. Cracks repair & sealing, Thermal Coating.

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Vivid Paints

Paints, Nano Paints

Protective Coatings
Vivid Paints, Ceramic Paints, Nano Paints

Ceramic and Nano Paints
Vivid reaches your offices and homes with Anti-corrosive and Wood Coatings, Water-Proof Coatings and compounds, Termite Protection Coatings, Insulating Varnishes, Leather Surface coating, Plastic surface lamination, Thermal Coating, Heat Radiation Coating, Water proofing and damp protection. These paints and coatings are very useful for your assets maintenance and preserving their lives. Please choose from the paints / coating / speciality paints above.

Vivid Resins


Oxygen Maximiser, Air Purifiers
Vivid Resins and Resin Products

Remove bad odour & increase clean air
Vivid provides Oxygen Maximiser and Odour Purifiers to fight obnoxious smells. These are extremely useful for asthma patients, breathing disorders, carpeted Homes & offices, hospitals, hotels, industrial locations, storage rooms, strong odour areas, basements and damp rooms. You can also reduce bad odour from very small and enclosed space such as your refrigerator / fridge, suitcases and cupboards.

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Vivid Water Proofing

Water Proofing

Damp, Seepage, Roof Repair

Water Proofing and Damp Protection
During rains and due to atmospheric dampness the building structures gets affected by water seepage. This can be prevented by the correct layers of plastering material. Normal cement mixture is not capable of curing this problem. The dampness causes the expensive paint to peel off and brings foul stale smell in the building. For healthy living we need a clean, dry, and hygienic environment.

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Dr. Saltpetre: Seepage, Shora (Nona) protection

saltpetre on walls

Dr. Saltpetre a balanced formulation of a selection of metal salts dissolved in alkaline solution to combat the nuisance of Salt peter / Shora formation / rising seepage / Efflorescence and other corrosions in your home / office buildings. This helps in damp proofing, preventing mud phuse, controlling rising water seepage.

Saltpeter (nona) protection is most important for building foundation. Always remember to wash your foundation bricks with Dr. Saltpetre. Add with cement & plaster for fool-proof resistance to efflorescence/ Saltpetre/ SHORA formation.



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