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Polymer Bonding AD-Mixture for Concrete and Mortar

When used as Bonding Agent for repairs and for water proofing

    » Ideal for repair jobs involving Cement or Lime Mortar. Firmly bonds Old Cement to new
    » Can be used as a Cement Slurry, even on Damp surface to Water proof them

When used as AD-MIxture in cement mortar

    » Greatly increases FLEXURAL, Tensile, Shear Bond and Impact strengths
    » Increase Abrasion Resistance Spectacularly
    » Water proofs Mortar completely with only 1% addition
    » Effects economy, due to requirement of only 10 mm thickness of mortar
    » Self curing - contains Internal Curing Membrane
    » Requires no further water for Hydration. (Except in very Dry and hot conditions)
    » Eliminates surface cracking completely.

Brush Polybond/Cement Slurry on to the Broken or Honeycombed surfaces, followed by cement mortar 1:4 Cement/Sand mix, which should also preferably contain "POLYBOND" in the proportion of at least 5 parts by Weight of "POLYBOND" to 100 parts of cement may be used, depending on the quality of work desired.


    » Always use the minimum amount of guaging water in the mix to get a workable mixture
    » This will ensure minimum porosity and maximum strength
    » 'POLYBOND' modified Cement will give a permanent bond between old and new mortar or concrete
    » This layer will also have excellent Flexural and Tensile Strength will be completely waterproof
    » A sealing coat of Pure Polybond can be brushed over a finished patched job
    » To further improve the quality of the repaired area and seal it against moisture
    » If this is done, no further water curing is necessary
    » Complete hydration will follow within the Mortar and it will be automatically cured
    » All proportions of 'POLYBOND' are related to the quantity of 'PURE CEMENT'

PAINTING: A surface sealed with 'POLYBOND' can be subsequently painted with any paint and the bond will be excellent

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