Rail Locomotive body paint

Train Body and Locomotive Paints

Railway locomotive paint and body are prone to corrosion and rusting. The continuous exposure to rain and sun speed up the corrosion and rusting process. The corrosion prevention and rust proofing measures can help save lot of money in maintenance and replacement costs. Due to inherent anti-oxidant oxidation process which tarnishes the original look does not take place hence completely non tarnishing even on copper. The paints are good for Locomotive presentation, increasing the life of locomotive body, and reducing maintenance costs.

Rail carriage body paint

The railway carriage is rarely repainted once it is put to use. It is also rarely washed especially if it is a goods carriage. The atmospheric moisture, weather changes, and rain water cause wear and tear of the rai carriage and goods wagons.

If preventive measures are used then this can help reduce maintenance efforts. Vivid provides rust converter, corrosion proofing and coating for rail carriage and goods wagons. Vivid provides rust converter, corrosion proofing and coating services.

Railway Locmotive and Carriage body can be insulated from weather and save energy (gas / electricity costs) with the heat resistant paint or thermal coating.

Thermal Coating / Heat protection paint incorporates into its copolymer, elastomeric coating, ceramic platelets, which have the ability to dissipate heat at a very rapid rate and also allows them to reflect heat back into the atmosphere, rather than allowing the heat to be conducted to the underlying substrate. This abuse and heat resistant paint can be applied to anything that can be painted.

Get ready for atmospheric weather resitance and protection with our brush on paint to cover the metal surface. You can also roll on this coating. The heat reflective property creates a relaxing environment and increase life of your valuable assets.

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