Rust converter

Rust Convertor is specially developed with American Technical Collaboration. This is a unique product, which transforms electro-chemically iron oxide (rust) into metalio-organic complex, reacting with rust.

This Rust Converter is a synthetic polymeric formula that converts existing rust into moisture free, black protective coating. Not only does it eliminate existing rust, but it seals out moisture to prevent the possibility of future rust formation and corrosion.

The chemical mode of action of rust converters is the conversion of porous and loose iron oxide (rust) into firmly adhering iron phosphate layers.

Rust Convertor is a water based rust convertor coating. When used as a single coat, rust scales are converted into a dark blue-black film, which retard further rust formation and also work as primer or base coat for any other protective coating.

Rust Converter is an alternative surface preparation to sand blasting, grinding etc.

Rust converter application method

 » Remove loose paint / rust scales with wire brush
 » Apply one coat of Rust Convertor with brush or spray
 » It will form a blue black dark coating.
 » If required, apply another coat after 4-6 hours.
 » Rust Convertor is not a paint, can be over coated with any other paint

Precautions to be taken when using Rust Converter

 » Avoid skin contact. In case of skin contact wash immediately with plenty of water
 » In case of eye contact after washing if problem persists contact doctor

Applications of Rust Converter

 » Storage tanks, pipes, metal structure, machinery tools, trucks/ auto bodies, bridges, ships etc
 » Any other metal parts which can rust


 » 50 Ltr, 20 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 1 Ltr

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