Chemical Sourcing

Vivid is in constant need of sourcing Chemicals for Light, Paints, Construction, Pharmaceutical and Agriculture insustry. This is done for our own manufacturing as well as Vivid customers. We use existing channels for sourcing for these products yet we continuously endeavour to identify new partners and suppliers for these chemicals.

    » Technical grade chemicals
    » Pharmaceutical grade chemicals
        · ALKOX E45/E160
        · Mercury 99.999 Silver White
    » Construction chemicals
    » Water proofing chemicals
    » Herbal products for termite proofing
        · Agricultural, Industrial & Residential use

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Glass Lamp Coating

Vivid has developed special customised process for coating the plain glass and glass lamps to provide a vivid array of colour options.

The resultant specialised coating on glass allows to generate different colours from the white light. These are very useful for Halogen lamps to focus attention on display and specific areas such as:

    » Automobile bulbs to reduce invisibility
    » Industrial bulbs
    » Campus lights
    » Separately demarcate streets
    » Common facilities over large spaces
    » Decoration tube lights

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Export of Lamp Chemicals

India has emerged as a strong outsourcing base and the quality of services and goods atr now matching the international standards and sometimes bettering them. Having built a strong base in India with our goods and services we are in a good position to export the following chemicals.

    » Emitter suspension for TL and CFL
    » Getter suspension GLS/Automobile lamps
    » Pigments for coloured lamps
    » Cap sealing compound for GLS and TL
    » Flourscent powder for TL, CFL, HID Lamps
    » Lamp components
    » Expert advice on setting up plants
    » Consulting on setting up processes

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Customised Manufacturing

Vivid has manufacturing and processing facility for producing Lamp and Light Chemicals, Speciality chemicals that are used in Construction for water proofing, termite proofing, heat/thermal proofing. We have the capability to produce the following speciality chemicals based on customised specifications and in varied quantities.

    » Technical grade chemicals
    » Pharmaceutical grade chemicals
    » Construction chemicals
    » Water proofing chemicals
    » Herbal products for termite proofing

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Exterior/Interior protection

Vivid has an expert & dedicated work force to resolve the Water seepage, Rising water damp, Shora formation, Rust problems, Extra heating in buildings & facilities, water tanks, Termite proofing. We help to protect your valuable assets, reduce maintenance costs & electricity usage for cooling purposes. We offer:

    » Rust inhibition and Corrosion removal
    » Heat Insulation and seepage protection
    » Wood and Furniture protection
    » Termite removal and protection
    » Water Proofing (Roof, Walls, Foundation)
    » Industrial Floor Coating

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Deodorising of facilities

Obnoxious smells are always unwelcome. However, we live in a system where we keep on adding to this problem. At times this can be unbearable.

A clean environment is always good for productivity and well being. We de-odourize:

    » Hospitals and Hotels
    » Mortuaries
    » Restaurants
    » Theatres and Banquet Halls
    » Cinema Halls
    » Offices and Homes

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