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TERMISOL Concentrate Anti-Termite Solution

Termisol has an efficient anti-termitic action for protecting longer periods for building & wooden articles. Termisol has Dual miscibility and is 100% soluble both in water/turpentine or kerosene used for paints. Termisol is completely eco-friendly. It is Non-Staining Ultra Clear Type solution when used over wooden articles. It is non-volatile so its absorption by the substrate prevents re-infestation of termites for longer period.

    » Termisol is herbal based and hence poses no health hazards as against highly toxic chemicals based insecticides.
    » Efficient anti-termite action for longer periods for buildings & wooden articles.
    » For application it should be diluted as per instruction below.
    » Non-volatility after faster absorption by the substrate preventing re-infestation of termites for longer period.

Preparation of ANTI-TERMITE service solution from Termisol

FOR PRECONSTRUCTION TREATMENT: 1 litre of TERMISOL to be diluted with 19 litres of water.



1. Pre-Construction Treatment (for New Buildings): To totally prevent termite attack in the pre-construction stages, Anti Termite Service Solution should be sprayed/applied or poured as follows:

    a) Foundation pits – Use 1 litre for 10 sq. feet.
    b) Both sides of foundation wall – 1 liter for 10 feet long upto 3 feet height.
    c) Floor area -1 litre for 10 sq. feet.
2. Post-Construction Treatment (Old Buildings): In the junction (edges) of floor & walls, drill holes to a depth of 6 inches with an inter-hole distance of 3 feet. Pour adequate anti termite Service solution. For door/frames and similar places, simple spraying/sprinkling of anti termite Service solution is recommended. In all cases to obtain 100 % efficiency of Termisol, the infested area must be cleaned before application.


Wooden articles surfaces infested with termites shall be first sprayed or brushed with Termisol. After the majority of the termites are eliminated the surfaces should be cleaned by emerying to remove all dirt, oils, grease etc. Then further anti termite service solution should be applied over them either by brush or spray. Two coats are normally recommended. Since the anti termite service solution is highly absorbed by wood, liberal application twice improves efficiency many times. No stains in the substrate is resulted.
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Termisol Specifications
Type 100% Environmental friendly, 100% herbal based solution in concentrate form
Applications Buildings, Woods & Similar Places of Termite Infestation
Toxicity Non Toxic to Human and common house-holds pets
pH Neutral solution
Shelf life 1 year form the date of manufacture
Packaging 20 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 1 Ltr.




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