Top Coat - Liquid Plastic Lamination System

TOPCOAT is an excellent and tough protective coating for wood, concrete, machinery, equipments, marine fixtures, sign boards and battery terminals etc. It provides a crystal, clear invisible layer, which is transparent and hard. Metal surfaceswill look new and shining for a longer period, because Topcoat resists water, retards rust and corrosion. In short, it acts as a PLASTIC LAMINATION.

TOPCOAT forms a flexible clear plastic coating which is ultra violet staple and does not fade or discolour in sunlight. It is quick drying, long lasting and protects oxidation, fungus and corrosion. Topcoat has brine sea water corrosion resistance.

Resistance attack from salt water, mild acids, alkali vapour, chemical fumes, alcohol, UV rays, corrosion, oxidation, bleaching, discolouration, finger marking, oil stains, dirt, rust etc. Excellent for fabrication tanks, steel doors and grills, protects water and air coller, air conditioners from rust and mild electric shocks. Laminates sign boards, hoardings for longer life and superior glaze. Protects ships, boats and other marine structure from rust and slaty water. Protects machinery and equipments, furniture andhousehold items, excellent undercoating for cars and heavy vehicles. Can also be used for protection of two wheelers and bicycles, wheels, rims from rust and corrosion. Laminates galvanised (galvanised) or anodised (anodized) metal to keep colour and coating intact. Protects the shine of brass fixtures, copper ware and decoration items. Protects railway coaches, wagons and bridges from the variuous forces (UV rays, rain, heat) of nature. Saves repairing, operational and mainteance costs. There is a transparent varient of TOPCOAT which can also be used as an excellent body paint sealant (similar to TUFFLON or TUFLON) for cars ets. The paint does not need any primer, etching, or phosphating. This paint can be applied directly even on zinc plate. Topcoat has brine sea water corrosion resistance.

How to apply Topcoat

    » Scrape of blistered, loose or flocking (peeling) paint, rust, scales etc.
    » Rub emery cloth.
    » Wipe dry with clean cloth
    » Remove all traces of oil, greese, and smoke (soot). Allow it to dry
    » Apply TOPCOAT by brushing, spraying, or dipping
    » Apply 2/3 coats for best results

Precautions should be taken by wearing protective clothing like gloves and goggles to protect the hands and eyes during application.

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Topcoat benefits

» Transparent
» Forms a flexible clear Plastic Coating
» Ultra Violet Stable
» Does not fade or discolour in sunlight and rain
» Water Proof
» Quick Drying
» Protects Fungus
» Protects Oxidation
» Protects Corrosion
» Retards Rust
» Washable
» Increase shining and glaze
» Protects from Germs
» Hygienic
» Avoids Wood Decay




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