TOPCOAT LG - Safety guard for Leather goods and Plastics

TOPCOAT LG is a new range of product under the series of TOPCOAT and it acts as your safety guard for leather goods and plastics. It is an excellent flexible protecting coating for leather and plastics.

It provides a crystal clear invisible glossy layer, which is transparent and hard. Metal surface will look new, shinning and glazed for a longer period. The shiny paint surface resists water, retards rust and protects the colour from sun and rain. The paint does not need any primer, etching, or phosphating. This paint can be applied directly even on zinc plate. Topcoat has brine sea water corrosion resistance.

Lamination with Topcoat-LG gives the following properties

    » Gives a semi-glossy film (70% matt) film
    » Gives a leather finish and leathery feel
    » Does not change the color of leather substantially
    » Air drying in nature & drying faster with heat increasing up to 60-80oC
    » Excellent breathability
    » Excellent stain resistance
    » Can keep the leather stain free without changing the color of leather
    » Good grip on plastic surfaces

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Topcoat LG Typical Properties
Nature Single Component
Colour Transparent
Specific Gravity 0.8 - +0.2
pH 7.0 + 0.2
Drying Tack Free 30 Minutes
Touch Dry 1 Hour
Recotability Time 2 hours
Complete Curing 24 Hours
Number of Coats Depends on the substance and usage
Adhesion Leather - EXCELLENT; Plastics - GOOD
Breathability Excellent
Finish Natural non shining
Dryfilm Thickness 18 microns (Single coat)
Coverage 80-120 sq.ft/litre depending on Surface preparation & substrate



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