Topcoat PU - 2K System

Topcoat PU TOPCOAT-PU is a chemical resistant Two pack Polyurethane coating suitable for application by brush or spray. This is recommended for the application in the areas of corrosion resistance, insulation, wood protection, textiles, metals, silver wares, precious metals and even for paper protection. It is supplied in two packs, where one part is the basic polymer and the second part is the Hardener. This provides high chemical resistant hard coating. It is also resistant to oil/alkali, alcohols, salt water and solvents.

This is recommended for structural steels and equipments in fertilizer industry, heavy chemical industry, offshore oil rigs, units situated in coastal areas exposed to severe saline atmospheres. Also used for exterior surface of rail coaches for high abrasion and gloss retention properties. It is resistant to aggressive corrosion and high abrasion and impact resistance, high micron build up, fast application and curing capability at temperature below Sub Zero Temperatures. The paint does not need any primer, etching, or phosphating. This paint can be applied directly even on zinc plate. Topcoat has brine sea water corrosion resistance.

Topcoat PU Typical Properties
Nature Composite
Colour Transparent, Red, Yellow, White, Smoke, Grey
Temperature resistance 200 Degree C
Drying (Tack Free) Time Surface dry 15 - 30 minutes
Touch Dry 8 Hours
Recotability Time Not less than 80 Minutes
Inerval before over coating 8 Hours
Complete Curing Time 24 Hours
Number of Coats Depends on the substance and usage
Adhesion Depends on surface type verying from EXCELLENT to GOOD
Breathability Excellent
Finish Glaze / Semi Glaze(20% Gloss for Paint) / Matt
Flash point Above 30 degrees
Pot Life As indicated on the packaging
Storage Life 12 Months
Dry Film Thickness Transparent 25 - 60 microns, Metal Oxide / Ceramic loaded 30 - 60 microns
Coverage without Loss Factor
Coverage with loss factor 20%
Coverage with loss factor 30%
Coverage with loss factor 40%
15 sq.meters / litre
12 sq.meters / litre
10.55 sq.meters / litre
9 sq.meters / litre
Thinner Thinning will be done with our Insulthin
Packaging 500 ml, 1 Litre

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