Topcoat Red Paint - Hybrid Polyester Resins Base

Topcoat Red is used for tough protective and corrosion resistance coatings on Iron, Steel, Metal, Machinery equipment, Marine Fixtures and Pipe lines. It is totally rust proof and resistant to Mild Acids, Alkali and other chemical vapours. The paint does not need any primer, etching, or phosphating. This paint can be applied directly even on zinc plate. Topcoat Red has brine sea water corrosion resistance.

Topcoat Red Typical - - Hybrid Polyester Resins Base Properties
Nature Single component
Colour Red
Specific Gravity 0.9- 1.0 gm/cc
Drying (Tack Free) Time 5-6 hours
Curing Time 24 Hours
Relocatability Time After 6 hours
Finish Smooth and shiny film
Adhesion Vehicle undercoat, M.S., C.I., G.I., and Aluminium Sheets
Coverage 150-200 sq.ft/litre depends on Surface type
Dry Film Thickness 25 - 30 microns (Single coat)
Suitable Solvent MTO

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