Topcoat SG (Wood Guard)

Convert Commercial Plywood to Phenol Bonded Plywood

Topcoat SG is a unique development to convert Commercial Plywood in to Phenol Bonded. It is based on Phenol, Formaldehyde and can be applied by Brush and Spray. It has the properties of termite resistance, water resistance as well as it makes the Plywood boiling water proof.

The paint does not need any primer, etching, or phosphating. This paint can be applied directly even on zinc plate. Topcoat has brine sea water corrosion resistance. It has the highest area coverage per liter. so that you can get more than 200 sq.ft. area (single coat basis). The cost increase is very marginal in Plywood. You can use this coating even on Phenol Bonded Ply and enhance its properties. The best results can be achieved, if you use two coats of this in crisscross pattern.

Topcoat SG Typical Properties
Colour Golden Brown
Percentage Volume Solid 35 + 5%
Temperature resistance 120 Degrees C
Drying (Tack Free) Time Surface Dry 15 to 30 minutes; Hard dry - 3 hours
Touch Dry 3 hours
Recotability Time 1 Hour
Inerval before over coating 60 Minutes
Complete Curing Time 24 Hours
Finish Matt
Flash point Above 30 Degrees C
Pot Life Once you open the tin, it is advisable to consume it
Storage Life 12 months, if the tin is not opened and is kept in sealed condition
Dry Film Thickness Transparent 15-20 microns
Coverage without Loss Factor
Coverage with loss factor 20%
Coverage with loss factor 30%
Coverage with loss factor 40%
20 sq.meter/litre
16 sq.meter/litre
14 sq.meter/litre
12 sq.meter/litre
Thinner MTO
Packaging 500 ml., 1 Litre, 4 Litre, 20 Litre

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