Topcoat Special Clear - MATT and GLAZE

TOPCOAT range of product covers various types of Plastic Lamination System for giving excellent and tough Protective coating for wood, concrete, machinery, equipment, Marine fixtures, sign boards and battery terminal etc.

For machinery spare parts and equipment, we have a unique product, called TOPCOAT SPECIAL, which gives a clear and transparent hard layer on the spare parts. If a micron thickness of about 35-40 is given on Machined /cleaned casting, Machined spares. It will remain rust free for the months together.

On spare parts painted with our TOPCOAT-YELLOW, only one layer of TOPCOAT SPECIAL is good and can retard corrosion & discoloration of paint for more than 12 months. This coating system makes it a perfect coating system for exportable spare parts.

In a nutshell, we can say that, TOPCOAT SPECIAL is ultraviolet stable and does not discolor in sunlight. It is quick drying, long lasting and protects oxidation, fungus and corrosion.

Topcoat Special Typical Properties
Colour Transparent
Drying (Tack Free) Time 25 to 45 minutes
Recotability Time 2 - 3 Hours
Complete Curing Time Minimum 24 Hours
Adhesion Concrete, Metals, Plastics
Flexibility Excellent
Paintability On TOPCOATed surface, any oil based distemper can be applied
Finish Dull
Dry Film Thickness 25 - 30 microns per coat
Coverage 100 sq.ft/litre depends on base surface
Packaging 20 Litre

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Topcoat Special Matt & Glaze properties

» Transparent
» Forms a flexible clear Plastic coating
» Ultraviolet stable
» Does not fade or discolor in Sunlight & Rain
» Water Proof
» Quick Drying
» Good Adhesion on Plastic Surface
» Prevents Fungus
» Protects Oxidation
» Protects Corrosion
» Retards Rust
» Washable
» Increases Glaze
» Hygienic
» Protects from Germs
» Avoids decay of wood




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