Heat Protection and Thermal Insulation - Case Study

A prestigious cold storage in Faizabad, UP used for Fruits and Vegetables.

VIVID Cold Storage Thermal Protection Services

Problem Analysis - Rusting, Seepage, Heating:

The Fruits and Vegetables stored in the cold storage are easily perishable items and hence need to be kept in controlled temperature. The environment exposure and the changes in the atmosphere do not allow for quick adjustment to such changes. The machines used to regulate such conditions can get very little idle time and rest thus increasing running cost. The wear and tear of the machines also increases due to higher usage. The company had two cold storage plants and both had following identical problems:

    » Corrosion on Roof resulting in High Maintenance Cost
    » The protective coatings used for maintenance were not long lasting
    » The protective coatings had to be redone every alternate year
    » High Regulating Machine Usage and Cost
    » Higher Electricity Bill

Solution - Curing, Sealing, Coating:

VIVID setup an onsite task team for the two cold storage sites for problem analysis, solution recommendation and implementation. Very careful calculation of the operations running cost was done against the recommended coating and labour costs to evaluate the financial justification of recommended solution. Some of the salient points of the solution included:

    » The corrosion on the Roof is cured
    » Any potential water seepage is blocked to control humidity
    » The idle resting time for temperature and conditions regulating machines is increased
    » The coating life is now 5 years as against less than 2 years earlier
    » Stringent Quality Control & Checking after every stage of repair and cure


The Return on Investment (ROI) for the Thermal Proofing is recovered within the first year of operations. The Electricity Bill has been reduced by 5%. The operation time and hence running cost of temperature controlling machines is reduced.

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Profile A reputed Cold Storage
Location Faizabad, UP, INDIA
Services Onsite consulting & survey   Maintenance assessment   Operations costing
Solutions Coating Paints   Water seepage cure   Weather proofing   UV Rays protection   Heat/Thermal protection   Good return on investment
Results Machine idle time increased   Maintenance cost reduced   Corrosion removed   Cracks repaired   More maintenance time   Investment recovery in Year 1
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