GELGROUT - Blocks Water Leakage

GELGROUT is a unique method of blocking water leakages, even on wet surfaces, or whilst it is raining. GELGROUT consists of two components, a "Base" liquid which is a clear watery substance and the Catalyst, a Powder. On adding just a pinch of catalyst to 100 or 200 ml of the base liquid, a clear Gel is formed within a few seconds, which is completely insoluble in water. Since GELGROUT is a very thin liquid, it has excellent penetrating capability and can block porosity in concrete or mortar or cracks of any width, instantly, thereby giving instant relief against water leakage, even whilst it is raining and the surfaces are wet.

If it is required to slow down the reaction of "GELGROUT" with its Catslyst, water can be added to the mixture, (up to 100 % of the base liquid, by volume or weight). The amount of Catalyst can also be reduced, to get a longer setting time. "GELGROUT" can also be used for grouting, by drilling holes In concrete or other porous structures and pumping in or allowing it to flow by means of a pipe or funnel under gravity.

For long fine cracks, the user may build a low cement bund on both sides of the crack, and allow it to set before pouring "GELGROUT", (with Catalyst added), into the channel which is formed. This will ensure penetration. "GELGROUT" is invaluable for use, especially where it is difficult to "Stand Down" equipment, such as effluent storage tanks, or where it is Inconvenient to dry out the surfaces, before treatment.

GELGROUT is compatible with other waterproofing coatings such as "PHENOCOAT", which can be applied afterwards, if required.

Important Note

    » IMPORTANT: "GELGROUT" should not be used for tanks containing potable water.

    » It is advisable for the user to became familiar with the fast setting characteristics of "GELGROUT".
      Try by mixing a small trial quantity of say, 100 ml with a pinch of "Catalyst".
      So that when larger quantities are used, they should not be wasted unnecessarily.

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