Zealock TL - Locking Compound

ZEALOCK is highly effective sulfuring thread locking compound which sets unconditionally at room temperature.

ZEALOCK TL is distinctly different from conventionally used thread locking compounds which requires almost zero tolerance in the bond line in order to activate the adhesive and achieve required level of Torque. ZEALOCK TL compound cures irrespective of the play within the union of a Nut Bolt union or any flat non machined flanged union.

ZEALOCK TL can sustain temperature up to 400°C. ZEALOCK TL resists Oil, Grease, Petroleum, Mild Acids, Alkali, Steam, Brine, Alcohol, Refrigerants, Hot & Cold water.

Methods of using Zealock TL

» The surfaces to be bonded must be made free from all traces of oil grease dust and flaking particles.
» Any contamination will most certainly diminish the quality of the bond resulting in leakage and or bond failure.
» Apply ZEALOCK TL on the thread with the help of the nozzle bottle.
» Fasten the nut pushing the adhesive over the thread as you roll the nut upwards
» Allow the bond to dry at room temperature. Do not torque immediately.
» The bond will set and dry within 30 minutes.
» Serviceable bond is reached and tested only after 24 hours.
» To open the Nut Bolt union, simply apply a little extra pressure with a spanner.
» Used nuts & bolts with dry compound on them should be soaked in a pan with MEK and make it reusable.

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